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A few Loudoun's went down to Derby back in 1999 to take part in the BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE WEEKEND organised by the Charles Edward Stuart Society, and after beer-drenched consultations before returning the following year, we came to a decision as to the 18th C. identity of Loudoun's (since we didn't wish be on the Government side), because the lovely name of Strathbogie's had already been taken by friends across the big pond, we arrived at an even more apt and fitting name for us: Glenbucket's Regiment, in short, Glenbucket (just think what it rhymes with….)

Here's a few bits about them which Allan Bryan-Tansley has kindly found out, followed by some more which I managed to extract from a few of my sources. If anybody can find out more about the gallant Glenbucket, please don't keep it to yourselves but send it to us!!

From the filming of Culloden for the National Trust

Hope to see lots of you, when we are in our alter-ego, at future 18th century events here in the UK!