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We accurately as possible, portray the Regiment of Major General John Gordon of Glenbucket, circ. 1745-46.

Are you looking for a re-enactment group to bring your event alive?

If so Glenbucket's can bring a standard of 18th century re-enactment rarely found in Scotland. as well as being a black powder unit and therefore equipped with firing muskets, we also have access to a cannon which can literally bring a bang to your event.

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have......CONTACT US

Are looking for a unique hobby that literally jumps you back in time?

From the filming of Culloden for the National Trust

Then you will find our group a warm and welcoming one, willing to share expertise and knowledge to the newcommer as well as offering them the delights of our social life.

After the event

Huddle for warmth